Interview with Gladys

Gladys had a lot of stress in her life when she started to work with Dr. Joanne. She since has seen a big difference…

Dr Joanne Haupert Chiropractor - Yolanda's testimonial

Yolanda’s story

Yolanda explains how she visited our chiropractic practice, what was her ailment, and how she feels today.

Dr Joanne Haupert Chiropractor - Helping children with ADHD - II

How to help children with ADHD – Part II

How do we help children with ADHD or who lack focus? In Part I, we talked about using outdoor time, nature, and exercize to help relax your child. We also talked about how important it is to have the child’s nervous system as healthy and relaxed. You can’t learn or focus when your nervous system…

Dr Joanne Haupert Chiropractor - Helping children with ADHD

Children & ADHD – How to help them – Part I

  I will discuss here how to help kids who have ADHD or have a very hard time focusing. There are many wonderful things that can be done. First, you can get them to exercize. Exercize is good for anybody.It gives an immediate ability to focus.It also improves our mood, which helps kids focus as…


Neck Pain: Common Causes

In this video I cover the common causes of neck pain. Including some that might surprise you but are nevertheless real causes for trouble.


Helping Children with Obesity

Nutrition is both what is given to and ingested by the child, but also the way and circumstances in which food is given and taken.
Unsurprisingly, Dr. Haupert mentions sodas as being highly unsuitable to a child’s diet, but she also dispells the false notion that fruit juices are better than sodas. Most fruit juices found in our grocery stores are processed…