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Alzheimer's disease - III: Helping to prevent the disease with a simple 3-pronged strategy


In this 3rd installment of the 3-part series on “Helping patients prevent Alzheimer’s”, Dr. Joanne Haupert, D.C. lays out a 3-pronged strategy to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

1- Exercize daily
2- Learn something new
3- Eat veggies and fruits

Each component of this strategy addresses the 3 big risk factors to which patients are exposed before Alzheimer’s sets in:

1- Stress
2- Sugar
3- Toxicity

All 3 factors can be remedied or alleviated by using the 3 components of a healthier living. Over the long term, this strategy avoids the accumulation of toxins and the degradation of the immune system that the lack of exercise, too much sugar and too much stress impose on the body.

As a Tucson chiropractor, Dr. Joanne Haupert practices NetworkSpinal, a type of chiropractic care that does not “pop and crack” but works on the energy channels of your body to achieve better health and de-stress your life in a wholly natural way, without discomfort.

Should you want to experience NetworkSpinal, please contact the office of Dr. Haupert at (520) 584-0343 for a free consultation. Dr. Joanne’s office is located at 4858 E. Broadway, just east of Swan, in Tucson, AZ.

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