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Meet Shelia Truman (SRI WE, CA)

Shelia Truman profileBefore joining the Inspired Healing team, Shelia was a CNA, and specialized in Parkinson’s treatment and care for 20 years. In 2003, she was at a Parkinson’s educational meeting, and Dr. Joanne gave a presentation. “What she shared just resonated throughout my body.” For Shelia, it was what she’d been waiting for.

From Practice Member to SRI Provider

“I was a practice member with Dr. Joanne in her then-office for almost a year when I felt the calling to serve people through Somato-Respiratory Integration-soma, our body, respiration, our breath, and the integration is integrating that.”

Shelia also uses EpiEnergetics, which means moving energy bound in a person’s body. She likens it to a chiropractor removing the interference so that the nervous system works optimally.

In addition to being certified as a Somato-Respiratory Integration Wellness Educator, Shelia is also a CA. She has been serving in Dr. Joanne’s office since 2006 and is passionate about what she does. “It never grows old. It’s not a job-this is serving people.” Shelia loves caring for people and doing something that will help them.

Tools You Can Use for Life

Shelia teaches people SRI tools that they can use when they are at home, on a trip, or anywhere! The youngest client she’s had was 4 and the oldest was 94.

According to Shelia, it’s ideal that people do SRI every day, as the exercises relax the body, which is a tremendous relief, as everyone experiences various kinds of stress. “When people have the tools, they can choose to use them every day or not, or when the need comes up.”

Family & Hobbies

Raised in Southern California, Shelia moved to Arizona in 1982. She is the proud matriarch of four generations, and has two great grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her loving family and huge community of friends.

Shelia also loves music, art, reading, continuing education and being present for people.

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