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NetworkSpinal Chiropractic in Tucson

Patient lying on their side being adjusted.The power that made the body heals the body, and we are all born with a body that knows how to heal and regulate itself. We’ve all experienced this innate healing wisdom countless times in life, like when we get a cut and it heals.

When your nervous system works properly, this inborn healing intelligence does its job of maintaining health and balance throughout the body. However, when stress accumulates in the nervous system, the communication and energy flow to all parts of the body begins to break down. This is often a subtle, gradual process that we don’t notice right away—like slowly lowering the lights with a dimmer switch, until suddenly you notice it’s gotten dark!

At Inspired Healing, we want you to shine with your full brilliance, and that’s what chiropractic care is about. It helps restore proper nervous system function, so your body’s own healing power can take over and create optimal wellness.

Our Technique

Dr. Joanne is Level 3 certified in NetworkSpinal care, a powerful form of chiropractic that focuses on the areas of the brain and nervous system that are working well, and uses those gateways to queue other areas to reorganize to a higher level of energy and efficiency.

NetworkSpinal is gentle and noninvasive, and works with your body to help it get back to its optimal state. When nervous system function is restored, your body can heal itself and begin to experience true wellness.

Fight or Flight

Most people these days are in a state of chronic stress, which makes it hard to relax, sleep or digest your food. When we get “stuck” in this fight-or-flight mode, our nervous system is hypervigilant, and we are unable to be focused in the present moment—we’re always alert for the next trauma.

We use NetworkSpinal to allow the nervous system to release the fight-or-flight tension and get into the parasympathetic state of rest/digest/heal. With no twisting, cracking or popping, your nervous system is “entrained” to a rhythm of wholeness and peace and your body heals and optimizes.

Book Today

We have a separate facilitator who offers Somato Respiratory Integration, which augments NetworkSpinal. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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