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Somato-Respiratory Integration in Tucson

A Somato-respiratory integration session taking place with Shelia.If you could use less stress and more ease in your life, consider Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI), which is a set of breathing exercises that involves the breath and body. Soma means body, and respiration means breath. These SRI exercises allow you to connect with the natural rhythms of your body through energy, touch, and movement.

The 12 Stages

There are 12 stages with different breath patterns. These are done while placing your hands on your body. The palms act as sensory devices for the brain. Then you breathe in a certain area-it’s an isolated breath-and the movement is the muscles, with the hands resting very gently on the body.

The SRI exercises give people a tool to use at home when they need more peace and ease. SRI enhances the benefits you get from your NetworkSpinal Chiropractic care.

Many people live in fight or flight mode. And after a period of time, that does damage to our physical body and manifests as stress and anxiety. The SRI exercises allow you to connect to your body’s wisdom and accelerate your healing.

Shelia, our SRI Wellness Educator, teaches these 12 different exercises to each individual, who can then use these tools anytime in their life to help themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I practice the exercises each day?

We suggest five minutes a day. “It’s not about the length of time. This is about 100 percent body-mind connection,” said Shelia.

What position should I be in when doing SRI?

The exercises can be done standing or sitting. However, lying down on your back with your knees up and feet flat is the optimal position, because then your spine is where it needs to be.

Is SRI a stand-alone practice?

It can be, but doesn’t have to be. Some people do it along with yoga or other healing modalities. SRI complements many modalities.

Can all ages use SRI?

Yes, it can help everyone where they are. We have many families in the practice: moms, dads, and children, all ages. One mom told Shelia that her 3-year-old turned in the car seat to her 2-year-old brother and said, “You are frustrated. Would you like to breathe with me?”

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