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Children & ADHD - How to help them - Part I


I will discuss here how to help kids who have ADHD or have a very hard time focusing.

There are many wonderful things that can be done.

First, you can get them to exercize. Exercize is good for anybody.It gives an immediate ability to focus.It also improves our mood, which helps kids focus as well. If you exercize with your children, it’s a double bonus: they get the connection and they can model it. And you get the benefits too as exercize will decrease your stress level and that’s will help you focus.

ANother thing you can do is getting your children outside. Nature is a wonderful relaxer. Just focusing on flowers, and the wind, and looking for bugs… This type of activity is a natural relaxer for all of us. And it’s such a great thing to do for kids. It does not have to be done for a long time: go out there for 10 minutes. Better having a couple of short bursts of just being in nature, getting out of their head, than having a long period. Sometimes that’s not practical.

Last thing, we want to make sure their nervous sytem is functioning properly. You can’t think if your nervous system is in survival mode. How do kids get in survival mode? Typically, the family itself is in survival mode. Maybe Mom is stressed… Maybe there’s financial stress in the family… Maybe there’s been the loss of a loved one. This kind of things impact a child nervous system as it’s developing. So instead of being able to relax, they are always on guard, just worried.

With proper chiropractic evaluation this coudl be addressed and corrected. Make sure you find a chiropractor who works with children and have your child’s nervous system evaluated. In addition, remember: outdoor time + exercize. These are some great things you can do for your family.

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