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Inspired Healing - Community Dinner July 2020



I’m really really grateful that I get to do this work. Everyone is more stressed-out than ever. There’s so much fear. There’s so much despair. And I know that when people walk through my doors, they’re going to have some respite, they’re going to get tools for their nervous system so they can deal with stress better, and we get to see that.

And just this week we had a practice member who was studying for a really big test on Saturday. She actually failed, and many people did, not just the first time but every time. And she started here about a month ago and since she started care. She lost weight. She started walking., and her posture was better, and her ability to focus, and I am certain that her ability to pass that test–and she did!– is due in part to the care that she gave herself. Right. You know, if you’re going to a big test like that. And you’re pulled forward and you haven’t been stressed. Right. It’s hard to take a test from you’re in pain.

Yeah, so I have gratitude because even in the midst of all these difficulties. I get to see little miracles. (photo) So, that’s me about, I don’t know, 51 years ago. And the reason I’m here is that I am passionate about helping people to reach their optimum because I know that each one of us has gifts. But if we’re sick, and we’re broken and we’re depressed, we can’t give our gifts, and that means everybody hurts.

I know for me before I came to chiropractic at age 23, I was broken. Okay, I was more rigid than I am today. 30 years later, I was way more depressed, I’m not depressed anymore. I had way more pain in my life right at 23 than I do at 54, and most people can’t say that. Although there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to say it they take care of this.

So, I’m here to let people know they have choices, they can feel well. And so much better. And I’m guessing you’re here because you’re at a crossroads. And someone invited you here because they know, you could have more life more health more love…

So my story starts out very young. At age one month I had stopped eating. Every time I put food in my mouth. it went across the room. Okay. So that wasn’t fun for anybody in the room, certainly wasn’t fun for me. Not that I remember that, but, I’ve heard all the stories. So this went on for one month, and I was literally dying. I was checking out. Finally, a neighbor of my mother said, “she has a kind of stenosis,” and my mom went to the doctor and they said, right, we hadn’t thought of that because that particular disease at that time was really supposed to be just for boys so they didn’t even think about that. It was totally outside their, their thinking.

So I went in, I was taken from my mother. I was put under anesthesia, I was in the hospital, and they did operate. And it did save my life. And for that, I’m very grateful. But, what it didn’t do was actually correct the problem, they addressed the symptom. Okay. But the problem lingers, and for 20 plus years until I suffered from terrible issues, and I mean really bad.

Okay, so what was happening was, it was a little muscle, there’s a muscle that’s round and looks like this. And it was stuck shut, because of the nerve that goes to it, which tells it to open and close wasn’t working very well. So there must have been some kind of misalignment that happened at birth. That first month, nobody knew.

Had I been taken to a chiropractor, that chiropractor would have known. This is simple adjustment that would have prevented the whole thing. But at that time my mother didn’t know about chiropractics. She didn’t find out about it until many years later when she had terrible migraines and chiropractor helped her. So, my gratitude for this work is that it taught me that I can trust my body because, for the first 20 years in my body, I didn’t know anything about this. I’m really grateful to be here.

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