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Detecting the early signs of Parkinson's - Part I

A short video about the early signs of Parkingson’s Disease. For more videos about healthier lifestyle, parenting and relief of common pathologies, please check Dr. Joanne’s YouTube channel.


In this short video, I discuss the early signs of the onset of Parkinson’s Disease.

  • Loss of the sense of smell:  When a loved one loses the sense of smell for any protracted period, this is a critical sign.
  • Speaking more softly: The muscles of the larynx are not controlled with the same precision, and the voice is less “projected”
  • Disrupted sleep: I’m not referring to an occasional nightmare, but to a repetitive pattern of disrupted sleep, people “fighting” during their sleep.
  • Change in handwriting: When the characteristics of someone’s handwriting change (e.g. letters not formed as well as before).

All these symptoms are alarms to be taken into consideration by a caregiver, the chiropractor and the Medical Doctor.

In the next video, we’ll talk more about the warning signs of Parkinson’s.