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Sciatica: Early signs to help detect it - By Dr. Joanne, Chiropractor in Tucson

Hi this is Dr. Joanne Haupert, Doctor of Chiropractic.

I want to talk about to you about hearing your body’s whispers versus hearing the loud wake-up calls and loud cries that you can get.

So, to give you an example, I had a patient come in recently who had sciatica, massive pain running down the leg and the back, great discomfort, great distress, everything in her life was put on hold because of this.

Now, it appeared to her as if it just happened out of the blue, one day she was fine the next day here she is a cripple. That’s not exactly the reality.

In her case, or in the case of sciatica, there are little whispers or clues that our body is saying we need to stop, we need to do something different, we need to help our body. Now, one could be that she feels a tightness in that area; another one could be that there is pain on and off in the area. Pain goes away and we often say “Oh, I’m better!”. That’s not necessarily the case.

Third there may be a decreased range of motion, maybe she used to be able to touch her her ankles and now when she bends forward she can only touch her knees, no pain associated with it but her body is clearly showing. We need to do something different. So the more you can pay attention early, then you don’t have to be crippled.