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Inspired Healing - Listening to Symptoms

Your body language

It’s like those alarms that we have in our house right–if there’s smoke, your smoke alarm goes off. A great warning you, there’s a problem. But what if we just clipped the wires right the smoke was still there and the fire still raging. Does that make any sense? Of course not, you would never do that.

But isn’t that what we often do in our bodies. I have a headache so let me take some meds. I need to stay up to do some work and I can’t do it so let me pound a whole bunch of caffeine, things of that nature. My stomach hurts. Let me just take some Pepto Bismol but not actually look at what I ate all day. Or maybe I was stressed. So here we really want to look at the body’s communication. We don’t want to shoot the messenger, just because the message might be uncomfortable.

The nervous system–as it gets healthier and healthier, it’ll be easier for you to understand the communication and what it’s wanting and needing, and you’ll have more energy and vitality to do so.

Inspired Healing | Listening to Symptoms