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Migraines - 3 preventive actions that can help avoiding them

Hello I am Dr. Joanne Helpert, Doctor of Chiropractic.

Previously I talked with you about the early warning signs of a migraine and specifically I want to address one of them which is stiffness in the neck and three things that you can do about it in that moment so it doesn’t have to become a full-blown migraine.

So the first thing is you have to be paying attention okay cause you can easily bypass the stiffness and be so busy in your work that you’re not hearing that but once you get that, you stop. The first thing you can do is take ten deep breaths okay, that breath is going to allow some of that tension to just go bye-bye.

The second thing you can do is just some general neck rolls; very gentle ear to shoulder, ear to shoulder and as you do that take some deep breaths, about ten to each side would be really great.

And then the last thing to do is literally move your whole body okay. You may feel it in your neck and your head but the tension is building up everywhere. So you just stand up, take a deep breath, open up your arms and just stretch up and down like that a few times, maybe five times. This will take you 30 seconds to a minute but this will prevent that migraine from coming in many cases.