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Migraines - Detect the telltale signs - by Dr. Joanne, Chiropractor in Tucson

Hello I am Dr. Joanne Helpert, Doctor of Chiropractic.

Previously we talked about whispers versus loud wake-up calls in the body and I want to talk to you more about that. One of the loud wake-up calls that many of my patients come to me with is migraines, if you’ve ever had a migraine you know everything stops, you’re not going to work, you’re not taking care of the kids, you are just flat out in bed. So that is not a whisper.

But there were whispers, there were smaller symptoms leading up to that, had you been able to pay attention to that you would not have to have the migraine.

For example, one of those would be that you just feel tension in your neck and may be in your head; another one might be that you notice your eyes get tired or your vision is is affected you know not like you can’t see at all but you feel like you’ve been straining. Another one would be that you notice you can’t really move your neck very fluidly.

So none of these really have a big pain element but they are your body’s way of saying stop, pay attention, something is needing help, tension is building up. And if you can’t listen to that your body will continue on that path and you will get a migraine and then you’re put out.

So listen to the whispers, take action so that you can have a better life.