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Pat's story: Relieved from sciatica

Dr. Joanne Haupert, DC: We are talking with Pat today, about her experience at Inspired Healing. Pat, what first brought you to Inspired Healing for care?

Pat: Well, I had had some experience with network chiropractic (NetworkSpinal) and I thought it was really good. But I came mostly because I was having sciatica. I had had it for 3 years at that point. And it was a pretty severe case. [With treatment] it was better. I also had some shoulder issues, anxiety, insomnia… So I decided I would come and see what we could do with those things.

Dr. Joanne: What’s the difference since you have been coming?

Pat: All those things are much better now…

Dr. Joanne: Great! That makes life easier, doesn’t it?

Pat: Oh yeah! You kow, sciatica is better so I sleep better… and anxiety is better because those [ailments] are better…

Dr. Joanne: Great! Thank you!