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Paula's Interview about her chiropractic care experience

Dr. Joanne: We are talking today with Paula about her experience of chiropractic care in our office… Paula, what brought you to our office? What was going on that prompted you to come here?

Paula: I needed a chiropractor. My back was really tense, especially my necks and my shoulders, so I needed chiropractic treatment.

Dr. Joanne: What has changed since you’ve been receiving chiropractic are?

Paula: Since I have received care, my back, my necks and shoulders are not as tense, they are more relaxed… and I feel more at peace.

Dr. Joanne: How would you say it has affected your quality of life?

Paula: It made it easier. Easier to move through stressful times, the stress doesn’t stick with me, I don’t feel all tight and tense all the time…

Dr. Joanne: And that’s a good thing! Thank you Paula.