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Alzheimer's Disease - I: How chiropractors can help patients prevent the disease



In this video series, Dr. Joanne Haupert, Chiropractor in Tucson, explains that Alzheimer’s Disease is not ineluctable. You do not “have to have it”. There are certain life habits and life conditions that, over the long term, prepare the onset of Alzheimer’s.

This first installment specifically address the issue of long-term stress and the mode called “fight or flight”.

“Fight or flight” is the way your body prepares itself to face or flee a supposed danger.

During fight or flight, the nervous system acts on many organs to make the body more efficient in its attack or defense. For instance, your heart rate accelerates. Your breathing becomes shallower. Your muscles tighten up. Your digestion slows down.

All these changes affect the flow of oxygen to the brain. Tight neck muscles compress a major artery that brings oxygen to your brain. When the brain does not receives its normal flow of oxygen, brain cells die.
In fight or flight, your body posture becomes crouched, which makes it harder for your lungs to expand and compresses your heart. Again, less oxygen is transported to your brain, and over the long term your brain cells die, thereby creating the conditions for Alzheimer’s to set in.

It is especially important that you “reset” your nervous system periodically, in order to “find ease” again and allow your body to get out of “fight or flight”. Continuous stress over a long period of time will harm not just your brain cells but all your organs.

Chiropractors are trained to address the nervous system and help your body relax. It is important for your health that you see a chiropractor on a regular basis, to enable your body’s natural healing process to take place.

As a chiropractor in Tucson, Dr. Joanne Haupert practices NetworkSpinal, a type of chiropractic care that does not “pop and crack” but works on the energy channels of your body to achieve better health and de-stress your life in a wholly natural way, without discomfort.

Should you want to experience NetworkSpinal, please contact the office of Dr. Haupert at (520) 584-0343 for a free consultation. Dr. Joanne’s office is located at 4858 E. Broadway, just east of Swan, in Tucson, AZ.

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