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'Body whispers': Telltale signs of an ailment Part I - By Dr. Joanne, Chiropractor

Hi I am Dr. Joanne Helpert, I specialize in Chiropractic.

I want to talk to you today about whispers versus loud wake-up calls from the body.

I often have patients talk to me about “this shoulder pain came out of the blue” or “this migraine or this or that symptom, and I know from my experience as being a doctor as well as my experience from being a human being, that’s not the reality.

Recently I had my own experience with whispers versus loud wake-up calls. I had done yoga for years and really love it and there is a particular stretch that I do, not very frequently, but enough to be able to notice when things are changing; and I noticed, wow, I can’t do that stretch as as big or as as fluidly as I had done before; and that thought floated in and I thought “well that’s not good”… and I let it flow right by and so then I had a few more little things like that where my body was saying to me “hey pay attention.” And I didn’t. You know I chose not to because there was no pain associated with it, there was no real discomfort, there were very real things, they were showing me that my body was was needing help, needing some attention on my part and I didn’t.

So then go a little bit forward, I got the big wake-up call I got a pull in in my groin, when it was very inconvenient because you know it’s not necessarily gonna happen when you know it’s convenient. And that, that issue, that tear took so much longer to heal. Had I paid attention early, that would have been a much easier situation to deal with. So listen to the whispers or you will get the loud cries.